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Principal's Desk

To fulfil the dream of Shraddheya Shivprasadji Jaiswal, the founder of our institution, Shri Durga Shikshan Sanstha Arjuni/Morgaon Dist-Gondia laid the foundation Shivprasad Sadanand Jaiswal College in 1990. The institution tirelessly works to provide quality education to the deprived backward classes, specifically for the girls, of this arena. Initially, the institute was started with two programmes: arts and commerce. Over the last three decades, it has established its excellence while also offering a science programme.

The institution also intends to offer advanced, certificate and value-added courses as well as skill-based education and research for the benefit of the local community. The institution has made significant advancements in both academics and infrastructure. The college has cutting-edge laboratories, multimedia projectors, classrooms, a gymnasium, and an indoor stadium. Its library contains ample books, journals, magazines and dailies. The two and a half-acre campus of the college and known for its well-kept rose garden, herbal garden, Miyawaki forest and sports facilities. This college is synonymous with excellence, has consistently set the highest standards. The institution has maintained the B grade in three cycles of assessment and accreditation in 2004, 2014 and 2019 respectively. Now the college is working efficiently to face the fourth cycle of NAAC to improve access, equity and its academic, administrative and research excellence in Higher education.

The institution's motivation is based on the noble concept derived from the Rigveda, " आनो भद्रा ऋतवो यन्तु विश्वतः " It means "Let all knowledge in the world come to us." By adhering to this vision, the institution is pursuing qualitative outcomes and excellence in higher education in Maharashtra's eastern region.

Prof. Ishwar S. Mohurley