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Student Feedback
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Anti Ragging Cell
IQAC Functions
• Development & application with utmost transparency in quality parameters for various Academic, Administrative & Financial activities of the institution
• To create and provide facilities for learner-centric method of Teaching, Learning & Evaluation
• To augment the IT-infrastructure for the qualitative outcomes of the institution
• To promote the role of parents in the process of Teaching-Learning & also in the qualitative functioning of the institution
• To organize intra-institutional Workshops, Seminars etc. for the improvement of the institution
• To keep all the documents in retrievable electronic formats through Management Information System (MIS)
• To take feedback from the stakeholders from time to time and analyze them and submit them to the Statutory Body for appropriate action
• To audit the Academic Performance of the institution on the basis of Departmental Analysis Reports of the University Examinations
• To monitor Finance Management through Internal Finance Monitoring Committee (IFMC) transparently and also submit the Reports to the College Development Committee (CDC) for the approval
• To identify the requirements of various Departments and fulfill the demands through Purchase Committee
• To Update the Library with Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)
• To Update the E-Governance System as per the demands of the time
• To act as Nodal Agency of the institution and Coordinator of the IQAC as Nodal Officer for coordinating all qualitative enhancements of the institution
• To prepare Annual Quality Assurance Reports and place them for the approval of the Statutory Body, College Development Committee (CDC) and submit the Reports to NAAC regularly
• To ensure the functioning of the IQAC as a continuous process and keep the functioning very vibrantly throughout institutional life.