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Student Feedback
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Anti Ragging Cell
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" समस्ता: लोका: सुखिनो भवन्तु "
May all be Prosperous and Happy!
May all be free from illness!
May all see what is spiritually up lifting!
May no one suffer!


The institution has a holistic approach in inculcating its vision and mission into minds of the students. Imparting Higher Education to the deprived and backward classes, the institution is enabling the students to counter the challenges in their future life. The institution has adopted the noble concept from the Rigveda
“आनो भद्रा ऋतवो यन्तु विश्वतः ”
It means “ Let all knowledge in the world come to us.” The core values of the institution reflect in the mission of the institution such as: All round personality development of the students Purify their mind, body and soul, Encourage their hidden potential to bloom, Knowledge blends with sustenance of human values, good character and morality, Extending Social Responsibility in neighbourhood, Promote innovations among the students, Develop practical wisdom in their successful life Capable the students as responsible and accountable citizens of India. IQAC with a quest to access excellence monitors as the Heart & Soul of the institution in all activities and tries to lift up the institution into the world of educational excellence through right thought and action.